Limited Warranty

Thank you for purchasing DTEN Inc. product(s). Please keep these important terms and conditions documented in a safe place. This document will be needed at the time of Claim. These Limited Warranty and Support Terms are an agreement between DTEN Inc. and you. Please read them carefully. BY ACCEPTING SHIPMENT OF YOUR DTEN INTERACTIVE PRODUCTS PURCHASED FROM AN AUTHORIZED SELLER (THE “PRODUCT”) OR BY ACCEPTING PRODUCT SUPPORT, YOU AGREE TO THESE TERMS.


The customer shall be entitled to warranty coverage solely as identified below.

  1. Limited Warranty. DTEN warrants that the Product will perform substantially as described in the applicable Product documentation for a period of One year from the date of purchase. To make a claim against this warranty, Customers must provide notice to DTEN during the Limited Warranty Term, and upon request, provide proof of purchase including the serial number of the Product, copy of the invoice, date of purchase and date of activation. This Limited Warranty only applies if you have made full payment for the Product and only covers those defects that arise as a result of the normal use of the Product.
  2. What is not covered by this warranty?

    A Product warranty activation is required within 30 calendar days from the purchased date. This Warranty does not apply to any non-DTEN branded hardware products or any software, even if packaged or sold with DTEN hardware. Manufacturers, suppliers, or publishers, other than DTEN, may provide their own warranties to you – please contact them for further information. Software distributed by DTEN with or without the DTEN brand (including, but not limited to system software) is not covered by this Warranty. Please refer to the licensing agreement accompanying the software for details of your rights with respect to its use. DTEN does not warrant that the operation of the DTEN Product will be uninterrupted or error-free. DTEN is not responsible for damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to the DTEN Product’s use. This Limited Warranty does not apply to (a) software settings that are beyond the default OS system setup or any Third-Party’s sole discretion related to software update, modify, suspend, discontinue the provision of, and/ or end of life the Licensed Software and any other Third-Party services/ Licensed Software that integrate or operate with the OS. (b) Product that has been damaged by Customer negligence; abuse; accident; acts of God; misuse; misapplication; incorrect line voltage, fluctuations, and surges; failure to follow operating instructions; or improper installation, (c) Product that has been modified or had its seals are broken or serial number removed or defaced, or (d) damage or injury related to the improper installation or placement of the wall mount to which the Product is attached or to the Customer's selection and use of any Third-Party Stand. The Customer is responsible for the proper installation and placement of the wall mount for the Product, and for Customer's selection and use of any Third-Party Stand.

  3. Backup. If your product is capable of storing software programs, data, and other information, you should protect its contents against possible operational failures. Before you deliver your product for warranty service, it is your responsibility to keep a separate backup copy of the contents, remove all personal information and data that you want to protect, and disable security passwords. THE CONTENTS OF YOUR PRODUCT WILL BE DELETED AND THE STORAGE MEDIA RE-FORMATTED IN THE COURSE OF WARRANTY SERVICE. Your product or a replacement product will be returned to you as your product was originally configured when it was purchased, subject to applicable updates.
  4. No Other Warranties. The express warranty stated in this Section A is the only express warranty to the Customer and is provided in lieu of all other express or implied warranties and conditions (if any) including any created by any other statements, documentation, or packaging. No other warranties or conditions are made with respect to the Product or the Limited Warranty by any person, including but not limited to DTEN and its suppliers. No other information (oral or written) or suggestions given by DTEN, its agents or suppliers, or its employees shall create a warranty or condition or expand the scope of the Limited Warranty stated in Section A. Also, there is no warranty or condition of title, quiet enjoyment or non-infringement in the Product. Customers may have greater rights existing under legislation in the Customer's jurisdiction. Where any term of the Limited Warranty is prohibited by such laws, it shall be null and void, but the remainder of the Limited Warranty shall remain in full force and effect.


DTEN offers the following types of support for the Product.

Product support is only limited to supporting the original hardware and software system. DTEN does not support any non-original software in the system. If the customer re-images or modifies the original DTEN system, DTEN will not be able to support the system and will have the right to refuse to serve.

Some Support Services may be provided by a DTEN contractor. To obtain the support, the Customer must open a service ticket through Following a diagnostics call with DTEN’s Customer Support, DTEN will assign the proper product support team.

Customer Cooperation. Customer agrees to cooperate with DTEN: (a) to notify DTEN promptly of any defect, error or Product malfunction and to submit to DTEN such information that DTEN may reasonably require to reproduce the error or Product malfunction and the operating conditions under which the error or Product malfunction was discovered; (b) to install, if requested by DTEN and within Customer security guidelines, a network connection that will be made available to DTEN for the purpose of resolving problems, reviewing Customer use of software, or for any other reasonable purpose, and (c) to notify DTEN of any additional hardware or software not purchased from DTEN that may be used in conjunction with the Product.

  1. Replacements of Product(s) or parts of Product(s). In the event any Product(s) or parts of the Product(s) are defective and do not conform to the limited warranty provided for herein, subject to the Customer delivering the return of such defective Product(s) or part of the Product(s) to DTEN, DTEN will place equivalent replacement Product(s) or parts of the Product(s), as the case may be, in the mail for shipment to Customers’ address of record at DTEN’s expense.
    DTEN will not be obligated to ship the replacement Product(s) or parts in the event (i) DTEN has not received the return of defective Product(s) or parts of the Product(s) as required in the paragraph above; and (ii) the problem you reported with the Product(s) or parts of the Product(s) is not covered by the terms of this Limited Warranty.
  2. Customer Self Repair. DTEN products are designed with many Customer Self Repair parts to minimize repair time and allow for greater flexibility in performing defective parts replacement. If during the diagnosis period, DTEN Support identifies that the repair can be accomplished by the use of self-repair parts, DTEN will ship that part directly to you for replacement.
  3. Consultation and Problem Resolution. DTEN shall provide consultation to Customer via email or telephone during normal support hours to permit Customers to report problems and seek assistance in the use of the Product. DTEN shall assist Customers in the diagnosis of Product issues. Customer acknowledges and agrees that to the extent that repair and/or replacement involves costs not covered under Advance Replacement Support, Return for Repair or Onsite Repair Support (including, but not limited to, express shipping), the Customer is responsible for all such costs.


  1. Besides the standard Limited Warranty and Support in this agreement, DTEN also offers various extended warranty and support plans for additional fees that will be due upon the initial purchase of each Product. You may talk to an Authorized Seller or contact for available options.
  2. Any replacement Product may be either new, like-new or refurbished, provided that it has functionality at least equal to that of the Product being replaced.
  3. Support for Products is dependent upon the availability of resources and materials. DTEN will use commercially reasonable efforts to make the necessary resources and materials available.
  4. Consultation and Problem Resolution is provided in conjunction with Advance Replacement Support, Return for Repair, On-site Repair, and Customer Self Repair.
  5. The customer is responsible for any work necessary to prepare the site for Product installation.
  6. The customer is responsible for disposing of any packaging debris, connecting the Product to the Customer’s network or other peripherals (e.g., enclosures, printers, cameras, etc.) and setting necessary passwords.
  7. DTEN will use ground shipping by default (unless specified) to ship Product to Customer.
  8. Timeline:
  9. ○  Process Time: 1-2 business days - once the RMA is approved (with all the information needed).

    ○  Transit Time: 5-7 business days - Ground shipment and depending on destination.
    * The timeline is not guaranteed. The customs period is excluded.

  10. LIMITATION ON AND EXCLUSION OF REMEDIES AND DAMAGES. Customers can recover from DTEN and its suppliers only direct damages up to the amount Customer paid. Unless otherwise provided under any local law applicable to you, the Customer cannot recover any other damages, including consequential, lost profits, special, indirect or incidental damages. This limitation applies to
  11. ○  Anything related to the Product or Limited Warranty;

    ○  Product Support;

    ○  Claims for breach of contract, breach of warranty, guarantee or condition, strict liability, negligence, or other torts to the extent permitted by the applicable law.

    ○  It also applies even if DTEN knew or should have known about the possibility of damages. The above limitation or exclusion may not apply to the Customer because the Customer’s country may not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, consequential or other damages.

E. Miscellaneous

  1. Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the parties’ entire agreement concerning the subject matter hereof and supersedes any other prior and contemporaneous communications. Any terms and conditions, maintained by the Customer or its affiliates or contained in any purchase order will not apply. This Agreement may be amended only in writing when signed by both parties.
  2. Applicable Law. Delaware state law governs the interpretation of this Agreement and applies to claims for breach of it, regardless of conflict of laws principles. The laws of the state where you live govern all other claims, including claims under state consumer protection laws, unfair competition laws and tort.
  3. Termination. Either Party may terminate this Agreement if the other party is in material breach or default of any obligation that is not cured within 30 calendar days’ notice of such breach. You agree to pay all fees for Support Services performed and expenses incurred prior to termination. The sections regarding confidentiality, no warranties, limitation of liability, termination and miscellaneous of this Agreement will survive any termination or expiration of this Agreement.
  4. Validity. This warranty is valid only to DTEN products that are purchased through DTEN direct or registered partners.

G. Advanced Warranty Plans

To extend the limited warranty coverage further, please contact

* Note: Some products may not be available to your region.

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