1. DTEN ONboard

    The DTEN ONboard is the ultimate collaboration centerpiece for the new hybrid workflow.

    -Responsive whiteboarding and real-time annotation on a 4K touchscreen display

    -Optimized for Zoom Rooms Companion Whiteboard and Kiosk Mode features

    -Built-in Zoom meeting software for plug-and-play easy setup

    -Ethernet or Wi-Fi networking

    -Mounting hardware included in the box

  2. DTEN Mate

    DTEN Mate with DTEN Mate Dock

    Launch professional meeting sessions, access meeting controls, and admit and manage participants at the convenience of the tabletop.

    - 10” Touchscreen controller for Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms

    - Includes mounting and security hardware in box

    - DTEN Mate Dock included

  3. DTEN ON


    All-in-One Zoom Rooms Appliance

    -DTEN OS with simple connectivity for premium meeting experience

    -16-microphone array and sophisticated AI-powered DSP sound technology delivers crystal clear audio

    -Incredibly responsive multi-touch Ultra HD 4K display with up to 120-degree camera

    -Simple. Reliable. Plug-and-play ready

  4. DTEN D7

    The DTEN D7 is an all-in-one collaboration solution for video conferencing exclusively designed for Zoom.

    -Life-like 4K video and crystal clear audio with DTEN audio AI technology

    -Responsive whiteboarding and real time annotation on 4K touch display

    -Best in class 4K smart camera and 16 microphone array

    -Windows-based solution for more flexible configurations

    -Plug and play for easy set up

  5. DTEN ME Pro

    DTEN ME Pro transforms the personal workspace into a powerful video meeting and touch collaboration workstation for the best professional experience at the desktop.

    - Intelligent camera and microphone array for professional meeting experiences

    - Spacious 27” Full-HD multi-touch display Built-in Zoom meeting software for one-touch to start Zoom meetings

    - Access the DTEN ME Pro camera, microphone and touchscreen in every meeting with DTEN Smart Connect

    - Can be used as 2nd monitor with touch Easy plug-and-play setup. Plug it in- it just works!

  6. DTEN GO with Mate

    DTEN GO with DTEN Mate

    Collaborative Touch for ANY Display

    -Included DTEN Mate brings whiteboarding and annotation to ANY display

    -4 cameras, 12 microphones with 10" DTEN Mate Controller delivers crystal clear, boardroom quality audio and video plus whiteboarding to ANY display

    -Simple. Reliable. Plug-and-play ready

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